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What To Post
The scooter gallery is primarily for showing off pictures of your scooter, or photos you've taken at a rally or ride. Glamour shots, if you will. If you're just posting a picture that happens to have a scooter in it, and you want to discuss some aspect of it, you should post it in the General Discussion forum.

A simple (but inexact) rule of thumb is that if you took the picture, and it's not technical or part of a project, it should probably be posted here in the Scooter Gallery. Otherwise, it should be posted elsewhere.
How To Post
External Images
To link to an external image (hosted on a different website) wrap the address to each picture in img tags, like so:
The picture will then show up in your post. Use one of these lines for each of your pictures.
Images on your hard drive
You can upload an image as part of your posted message. At the bottom of the area where you compose your message, there should be a button labeled Choose File. Click it, and you'll see a window where you can navigate around your hard drive. Use this window to find the photo on your hard drive, select it, and the window will close again. You can add another one by clicking the Add Attachment button and repeating the process, or you can simply the Submit button, as you would when posting any other message. Your images will then be uploaded and will appear below your post.

Note: The image must be less than 800 pixels wide by 800 pixels high, and must be less than 200k bytes in size.
What To Name Your Post
Please try and label your post descriptively, and include your username and the year and model of your scooter. A good example of a title would be:
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This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.    Forum -> Scooter Gallery
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