At the suggestion of several forum members, I've decided to create a Review area on Modern Vespa. I am extremely leery of adding new forum areas, as they tend to splinter the activity on a site. Even though they seem like a good idea, I hold some very strong convictions to the contrary.

Still, the people that have suggested this in the past have a point: it would be nice if there was a way to browse a collection of topics that were all grouped together by kind, such as reviews. Searching through post after post looking for that review you remember reading a few months back is tedious.

So here's my compromise: I've created this Review area where we can group all the really good review topics that have been written by members in the past. The catch is that you can't post directly to the Review forum, very much in the same vein as the Technical Library. This is primarily to keep the Review area as clean and concise as possible -- reviews only, nothing else. No requests for reviews, no queries to see if anyone has used a product, just reviews. If you've written a review, ask myself or any moderator to move it to the Review area.

The notable difference between this area and the Technical Library area is that any member will still be able to reply to any post here.

Here's what I'd really like to see in the reviews we move into this area:
- A clear title stating the product name
- Links to manufacturer product pages and / or retailer pages
- What you paid for the product
- If possible, pictures of the product
- Your impressions of the product