My full review can be found on my blog here and is also featured on Corazzo's website (with a link to my old blog.)

I think this format is a little better fitting for the review section though.

Who: Corazzo
What: Under-Hoody in size XL
Where: Purchased directly from Corazzo
How Much: Paid retail (lame)

I've owned it for almost 2 months now and love it. It truly sticks with the utilitarian nature that scooters were derived from.

Fit & Comfort
The sizing was a concern of mine, I'm a big guy (6'6", 270lbs) so it's hard to find riding gear that fits as I think it should. I wear XL t-shirts but a 2XL Power Trip "Mojave" jacket. I decided before I ordered it that if it was a little small that would be fine, makes it easier to wear as a layer, which is what it was intended to do. I was very nervous about the sleeves. I have very long arms and find that a lot of jackets just aren't long enough. Even with the extended sleeves I still was worried that the thumb holes would be of no use to me. I was very, very pleased and delighted to find out that the jacket is actually almost too long in the sleeves. The torso is probably a little shorter than I like but as is the case most XL size garments expect that the wearer is wider than they are tall which is not my case.

The real selling point in this jacket is the neck warmer/baklava/hood. That is probably the best part of the whole damn thing. I've noticed that since I have a big head it makes the baklava a little loose as your head has to go through wear your eyes are. Because of the design it is a little tight around the neck and sits a little high, which is what it's supposed to do but I know some people can't handle things being too high on the neck so it is definitely worth considering.

The hoody is made out of 20% Lycra poly-cotton blend for a 4-way stretch formed fit and has flat stitched seams for comfort while layering. In my opinion it seems to be a thicker material similar to the "Under Armour" type garments for athletes. It is very stretchy and flexible and does not get hung up on what ever you put over it. It is also very comfortable. It has become a mainstay of my wardrobe even if I'm not scooting. It's something that's comfortable enough to wear with your PJ's but still looks nice enough to wear out for dinner with your significant other.

Compared to some of the other hoodys I own (over 20) this is very light weight. It is even more light weight when you realize how warm it is. I used to wear a Columbia snowboarding coat with another hoody underneath it to make my cold riding tolerable. With the Under Hoody I have seen temperatures as low as 15 with just it and my "Mojave" over it (with the liner of course.)

I love this hoody. It is by far one of the most useful things I have ever bought for scooting and easily one of my favorite hoodys.

I do, however, have a few criticisms. My first problem with the hoody is that there are no pockets. This becomes a problem if you listen to music when you ride. It would be very nice if it had an internal, mp3 player sized pocket inside the jacket so you could run the headphone cables through the jacket and into the baklava/helmet. I can also see room for a different color. The black is nice but if you do a lot of traveling or stopping different places it can get dirty pretty fast. Another thing is the hand covers stretch out with wear, this makes them difficulty to keep inside the glove and can cause discomfort to your hand while wearing gloves.

All things considered though, I would consider this to be a good investment for anyone who rides/works/lives in a cold weather area. I also consider this to be, for me, a gateway product. I find myself more inclined to spend more money on Corazzo products because of this hoody. The craftsmanship/design of this is absolutely amazing. Only time will tell how long it will hold up but I'm willing to bet that this is a product I will have for a very long time and will probably get one for my significant other if I can ever find her a small frame.

I say pick one up. And while your at it let Corazzo know I like their stuff. Maybe they'll hook a brother up with a coupon so I can get a shop jacket.[/url]