Mounting a Video Camera on a Vespa GT200L

This write-up was contributed by cfargo, including all text and images.

Having a rack on the front of my GT200 made this task much easier. I tried mounting a camera many ways but this was the most solid with very little vibrations. As a matter of fact, my first video made with this setup can be seen throughout the Current TV program about Rage 19 including the opener. I bought and tried 2 different wide angle lenses but ended up liking the lens that came with the camera best.

Another view from the front showing the VIOSPORT Adventure CAM 3 mounted with the same mounts used for my GPS bought from GPS City. This photo also shows my GPS.

Here you can see the Lanc Remote also bought from Viosport. This turns the camera off and on along with putting it into record and standby mode. I use my thumb to do all of this without taking my hand off the grip. The LED changes color to indicate what mode it is in.

The Handycam I chose is the Sony DCR-HC42 MiniDV Handycam®. It is super small but better quality then standard TV.

I run the cable from the camera into the glove box through the top of the top of the left door/speaker cover. I made a notch into the side so that I can remove the cover easily and/or remove the camera easily. The switches seen are for some of my other mods that I will share in another post.

I cut a hole in the top of the glove box to pass the camera wire on into the glove box.

The wire coming down into the glove box. I already had 12 volts running into the glove box that I use to run the Handycam and Camera. I also have the option to run both on supplied batteries too.

To mount the Handycam so that it isn't taking the direct vibrations of the scooter, I cut up a block of foam to fit inside the left side of the glove box.

I gut out the block to fit the Handycam inside along with the wires.

Here you see the Handycam inside the glove box.

I used a piece of sticky backed foam on the glove box door to keep the camera from getting scratched up.