yesterday i went on my first night ride on my scooter and noticed that speedometer was all dark and hard to see. today i opened the head set and on the back side of the speedometer there were two emty holes for back lighting. im not sure if this bike came from the factory with backlighting but the socket from the turn signal indicator fit in there perfectly. so instead of having my speedometer flash on and off while using my blinker i connected it directly to the existing wires for my headlamp but now the bulb was very dim even while reving the motor. slightly confused i grabed my meter and mesured arround 6 volt at my headlight bulb (6v 15w bulb) and arround 12 volt coming from the wires going to the turn signal indicator. older bikes had 6 volt systems and newer ones use 12 volt - was my bike half way done when they switched from 6 to 12 volt???

is this normal