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Tue Nov 12, 2019 7:06 pm quote
Hello, I own a 05 GT 200. Most enjoyable 2 wheeler I've ever owned, hands down. There is no Vespa dealer where I live, so I do all my own maintenance. There is a MP3 for sale, 12,000miles, I believe its 2015. Its black with crash bars on the front end. Garage kept, maintenance records, they want $3000. I think it would be great for touring & camping. That's what I do on my GT. I know nothing about MP3s. Is this a good deal? Thanks
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Wed Nov 13, 2019 12:44 am quote
Sounds attractive, BUT I'd highly recommend you verify that the bike got at least its first inspection & adjustment service at 600 miles, followed by the other scheduled services i.e. 6K mi and 12K. This first service is probably the most important one the bike will ever need. Service records indicating a in-between oil and filter service at 3K intervals should be viewed as a positive sign of a bike that has been well cared for.

Ask for service records (bills). It is critical the headstock bearings were adjusted and lubed at that first 600 mile service, and at least lubed if not adjusted every 6K miles afterwards.

If not, expect having to deal with bearing replacements at some point and thus negotiate to reflect that. In other words, if the 600 mile service was skipped, postponed, or done after the indicated miles then you should try to knock off at least another $500-700 to compensate for the cost of bearing replacement due to the lack of maintenance.

Also, 12K miles is the big service for these bikes so it'd be good to verify it has already been done to avoid a big initial service expense after purchase.

One more thing, usually the tires are done at around 12K miles so you should be seeing a bike that has had new shoes put on recently. Check the date code on the tires. New old stock tires (dates codes older than 24 months) can be dangerous and should be considered non useable.
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Wed Nov 13, 2019 3:46 am quote
All what he said. Sounds like a good price

MP3's are comfortable, smooth and fast. They do require some extra maintenance though. If you're already doing your own wrenching then you've got an advantage. None of the work is particularly difficult, just time consuming.

From the skinny part back, they're just a regular scooter. You already know what to look for. Easy peasy. All the funky stuff is in the front.

If you can lift or jack the front end of your potential purchase, you can do a quick inspection and get a fair idea of the condition of all the moving parts. Everything should move smoothly with no slop, wiggle, or roughness. The big thing to look for is the condition of the vertical steering stem bearings. Just like a bike with a single front wheel, except now there are 3 sets. Left, right, and center. Turning left and right there should be no discernable notchiness or detents. If you see evidence of grease oozing out of the bearings that's actually a good thing. That means that somebody did the right thing and pumped grease in. If the bearings are notchy it makes the machine steer and handle funny. Replacing the bearings is a pretty involved project.
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Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:38 am quote
2016 would be very good price
2010 normal asking price

own gts300 for five years. thought I had reached scooter nirvana.

purchase a 2009 mp3 500 last year.

put 5000 miles on mp3
put 500 miles on the gts

the mp3 is a unique but fabulous scooter
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Sat Nov 16, 2019 2:07 pm quote
Not having a good dealer and service near could be a major problem. Vespa of Dallas nearest one from okc. 208 miles south of me. Had to haul mine there several times. big pain. Now they have sold out and will not reopen for a few weeks. Do not know if they keep same service people or not. Not ever shop good at service some of them you will pay a top price for their training on your scoot. Something to think about.
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Sat Nov 16, 2019 3:02 pm quote
It's a good deal.
If it was near me I'd probably buy it.
So yes, to answer your question.
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