A couple of weeks ago I had my 6000 mile service at Sherman Oaks Vespa and I asked Drew to put on the 16 gram Dr Pulley sliders that I had bought. Here are my impressions after some city driving and one excursion on the freeway this morning.

There is a definite improvement in taking off from a stop and throughout the city-driving speed range (0 - 80 kph). The clutch engages noticeably sooner, acceleration is smoother, and the "dip" in the first second is almost gone. When I am coasting to a stop, the engine braking continues virtually to the end, unlike before when there would be some free wheeling toward the end. Overall, the bike feels quicker and more responsive. I like all of these changes.

On the freeway, acceleration was good up to 120 kph, then seemed a little "lighter" than I remember from 120 to 140. I didn't go faster than 140. (All speeds as indicated on the speedometer.)

You can get 15, 16, or 17 gram sliders for the 400. I would think that the 15's would be even better around town, but not so good on the freeway. The 17's would be smoother than the stock rollers, but not a lot better off the line. They would be a good choice if you do mostly cruising.

For my mix of riding I think I made the appropriate choice.

I really like this upgrade. In addition to all of the above, the Dr Pulleys seem to last a lot longer than the stock rollers, so they should actually save me some money down the road.