Today I had my first rain ride. I was unsure of myself but gained some confidence as I went along. All of my ride was on secondary roads and some sections were in pretty bad shape. Even though they are secondary roads they still get a lot of traffic here in Central Europe. Thankfully traffic was light and I went about 3/4 speed or less most of the time.

I had been warmed (Freudian slip?) about hypothermia. Although I did not put the anti-wind/water liner in my Dianese riding jacket I was glad to have brought along some extras such as Polartef vest and a rain jacket. At about the half-way point I stopped to eat lunch and while my meal was being prepared I switched long-sleeve shirts and got into my rain jacket. When I left the restaurant I put the Polartec vest on underneath the rain jacket and topped off with the Dianese riding jacket (without the liner )

All this about hypothermia to say that despite layering I came close to hypothermia. I was aware my reaction time slowed considerably and that scared me! Though I kept my core warm my extremities were dog-gone cold? Once I got home I stayed int he HOT shower until my skin stopped tingling.

Moral of the story, be better prepared and don't flirt with the wind and rain. Toreador Pants includes appropriate weather gear. Thanks for comments you will add to help us all gear up.