Hey guys,

My Boss has decided to sell her Vespa. It is an 03 Vespa ET2 with almost no miles. The pictures show a little over 1100 miles. The bike is stored indoors year round and run in the summer for little jaunts around her side for town. The bike has had all maintenance and work done at University. The bike has a new battery I bought for her this year. I rode the bike for a month this summer and probably added a 100 miles when I had it. So she is running and moving just fine. Bike is probably 98 percent perfect. Never touched the ground once, may have a tiny spot or two from bumping a garage wall.

She is asking 2500 bucks for the bike but may be willing to negotiate. See the pictures below and feel free to email me if you have any questions. If you want to make an offer feel free to do that as well.

Email address is okcgravity@yahoo.com



New Price, My boss has lowered her asking price all the way to $1800 bucks. There will be no wiggle room but the price did drop a bit. Also were in Dallas in case that wasn't clear.

feel free to contact me, my screen name @yahoo.com