The For Sale / Wanted area is reserved for the exclusive use of individuals selling their scooter and scooter-related items. Commercial entities are specifically prohibited from posting here. If you are a commercial entity, please consider becoming a sponsor.

All items for sale MUST include a [LOCATION] at the beginning of the subject. Any non-conforming post will be deleted on sight and without warning!

The location must be enclosed in [square brackets] and it must be at the beginning of the topic. For items that are shippable and where location is not especially relevant, it is acceptable to put [SHIP] or [SHIP Country]. For items that you are looking to buy and which are likely shippable, you may put [WTB] with no location.

Acceptable formats for a title:

[LOCATION] Item for sale
[SHIP] Item for sale
[SHIP US] Item for sale
[SHIP UK] Item for sale
[WTB] Item wanted
[WTB State] Item Wanted
[WTB Country] Item Wanted

Any post not conforming to this format will be deleted on sight, no exceptions.

The following things are explicitly prohibited in For Sale threads:
- Commercial sales -- if you're selling more than one of something, it's probably commercial
- Bodge "restored" bikes from the Far East
- Creating a listing solely to complain about another listing

Replies to posts are not possible. If you wish to ask the seller a question, please send them a PM.
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