Just wondering if anyone's been able to try the mp3 on snow/ice conditions. My bike's been sitting in the garage for the last few months and I'm getting itchy. There have been occasions when the collector and arterial roads are fairly bare, but getting out of the local subdivision roads are prohibitive, due to snow/ice.

Someone mentioned the Ural. Beautiful machine, but lousy gas mileage (33 mpg) and it won't fit in our garage unless I sell my bike and I can convince my wife to sell her GTS (not too likely).

I'm also curious about where the centre of gravity is on the mp3, relative to the fulcrum of the "inside" wheel when the bike has leaned over to the max. In other words, how much force do you have to apply to the handlebars to keep the bike from totally flopping over? Can I assume that if you hit some glare ice, that's what will happen?