I thought I'd pass this along since I've ordered a new Cortina Grey from ScooterCrazy in the UK.

Saw this in the SF Bay Area (Cali) Craig's List: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/mcy/2867896739.html

The seller is a nice guy, he sent me a batch of pictures and the case is in mint condition, no scratches of any kind.

I debated about purchasing it and having it painted Cortina Grey but I got a new GTS Vespa topcase in Cortina Grey, with installation parts and the heavier bar-ends, shipped to my door for $230 from Scooter Crazy so I figured by the time I paid for shipping and then had it painted, I'd probably be somewhere near that without the installation parts and bar-ends.

Still, if your scooter's that color and you live in or near the Bay Area, it's a hell of a deal!