electric seat latch:
mine has never worked. and the seat never latched closed until i sort out that the glued block that secures the cable behind the glove box was loose...i fixed that. bought a used/replacement elec. seat latch from the MV want ads.
if i unplug the elec. connector from the one installed, and plug it into the newer one, and activate the button with the key on, shouldn't that 'test' activate the plunger mechanism on it? and if it doesn't, could #2 seat latch be daft?...wiring munged somewhere between the two? bad button switch?
...i had the button out, and applied some connector 'grease' to the elec. connector there. is there something else to check?

i did get my key switch, swapped out with a replacement and that's been sorted...that little wire clip one needs to remove was much easier to get out, than in...typical i suppose.