Perhaps a bit belated but for those who are Irish or Irish at heart and who possess any of George M. Cohen's patriotic seems appropriate to wish you you well.

For those who my be too young to appreciate Mr. Cohen's contributions:

Yankee Doodle Dandy
You're a Grand Old Flag
Over There

If you want to watch a biographical account of his life you can rent the video "Yankee Doodle Dandy".

You'll get an appreciation of how and talented individual encapsulated the American Spirit...who happened to Irish. You'll also get a chance to withness James Cagney (he also may not register with some of the younger generation) and appreciate his dancing skills. By the way, James Cagney received the Academy Award for Best Actor in this 1942 movie. George M. Cohen was able to have a private viewing as he was battling cancer and passed away soon thereafter.

Sometimes accused of being an extreme flag waver...I felt he was a true patriot and something we sometimes need to be reminded of.

For you pleasure, below is a short clip on James Cagney and Bob Hope doing dance routine...yes...Bob Hope could dance along with being one of the best stand up comedians in history.