Vespa 946
Debuting at EICMA 2011, the Vespa Quarantasei concept represented a radical departure from then-current modern Vespa design. Inspired by the 1945 Vespa MP6 prototype, the 946 is distinguished by sharp angles, beveled edges and its cantilevered seat. With no built-in storage and few of the comforts of other models, the alumnium-bodied Quarantasei was originally presented as a concept pointing the way to future Vespa designs.

Piaggio later announced that a limited-edition version dubbed the Vespa 946 would be made available (in a slightly different production form) in 2013. The company latter announced the 946 sale price would be $9,946 USD (MSRP).

Vespa originally announced that "Production of the series will terminate at the end of the year - the Vespa 946 2014 Collection is already on the drawing board - to ensure that Vespa 946 scooters built in 2013 will be truly unique, unrepeatable products." However, after the model's launch in Fall of 2013, Vespa informed various media outlets that it would be making an annual run of 946s, possibly with new features and styling changes each year so the model remains on the forefront of technology and design.

The 2013 Vespa 946 is the first Vespa model to come with ABS and ASR (anti-skid) systems, full LED headlight and tail lights, and the optional Vespa Multimedia Platform (smartphone interface).

From a Vespa press release:
The Vespa 946 is available with the Vespa Multimedia Platform (VMP) for connection of a smartphone to the Vespa 946 electronic system, transforming the device screen into an on-board computer to display information in addition to the data provided by the extensive range of standard instruments, alert the rider to anomalies such as tyre wear or low pressure, provide travel and route information.
Colors & Options

The 2014 Vespa 946 is available solely in black or white. Vespa OEM accessories available include a short windshield, small chrome rear rack and a red roll bag that hangs behind the seat.

Technology and Specs
Although Vespa has not provided a full spec sheet for the 946, their materials do list the following:
Tradition and innovation: Sheet steel body with aluminium parts: handlebar, saddle support, side panels, front mudguard, rear-mirror supports.
Maximum safety: 220 mm dual-disk brake, two-channel ABS braking, ASR electronic traction control. Large 12" wheels, modular aluminium alloy wheel rims.
Eco-sustainability and fuel economy: 125 cc 3V engine, electronic injection, best-in-class fuel consumption and emissions.
Technology and style: LED headlight with heat dissipation system, LED tail light and indicators, full LCD multifunction instrument panel.
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