FAQ: Guide to Modern Vespa Forum acronyms
There are a number of acronyms used here at Modern Vespa. Some of them are actually important.
AFAIK - As Far As I Know

ATGATT - All the Gear All the Time
Indicates that the rider wears all the gear - helmet, armoured jacket, gloves, and boots - every time they ride. Armoured or kevlar-lined trousers may also be included on the list.

CC - Cubic Centimeters
The metric unit of volume used to measure the displacement of motorcycles, scooters and similar vehicles

CDI - Capacitive Discharge Ignition
The electrical component that produces high voltage to be delivered to the spark plug. Often used to refer to any ignition unit, capacitive or not. Sometimes erroneously used to refer to an ECU (see entry below). On a modern Vespa scooter, the ECU controls the timing of the spark, but does not produce the actual high voltage.

CEL - Check Engine Light

CMSP - California Motorcyclist Safety Program
California's alternative to the MSF (see below)

CVT - Continuously Variable Transmission
Type of automatic transmission found in most modern auto scooters

DOT - the federal Department of Transportation
The DOT administers and enforces federal vehicle codes and regulations. Also used as an adjective to describe mandated features and regulations ("DOT blinkers").

ECU - Electronic Control Unit, Engine Control Unit
A computer with integrated input and output signal conditioning, that controls ignition timing and/or fuel injection rate to an IC engine.

FWIW - For What It's Worth

HT - High Tension
Synonymous with "high voltage". Said of ignition components, as in "HT wire."

IANAL - I Am Not A Lawyer

IC - Internal Combustion

IBTL - In-Before-The-Lock
Additionally, often jokingly referred to as "I Broke The Lambretta".

IIRC - If I Recall Correctly

IMO/IMHO - In My (Humble) Opinion

MC or M/C - Motorcycle

MIU - Main Instrument Unit
Synonymous with ECU.

MOT - Ministry of Transportation
The MOT administers and enforces vehicle codes and regulations in the UK.

MSF - Motorcycle Safety Foundation
National nonprofit organization (sponsored in large part by motorcycle manufacturers) which provides education, training and research into motorcycle safety. The MSF Basic Rider Course is often referred to simply as "the MSF."

MVFR - Modern Vespa Forum Related
Indicates that the content is related to the Modern Vespa Forum. Usually used as a prefix to a post subject, surrounded by square brackets: [MVFR]

NMVR - Not Modern Vespa Related
Indicates that the content is scooter related, but not specific to modern Vespas. Usually used as a prefix to a post subject, surrounded by square brackets: [NMVR]

NOS - New Old Stock
New Old Stock is a term used to describe a part or product that is new, has never been used, but was probably manufactured some years ago and has been sitting on a shelf ever since. This term is generally used on the vintage side of scooters more than the modern side.

NSFW - Not Safe For Work
Indicates that some or all of the content isn't safe to view while at work. This usually indicates a picture with nudity in it, but could mean something else as well. Usually used as a prefix to a post subject, surrounded by square brackets: [NSFW]

NSM - Not So Modern
Primarily denotes the Not So Modern discussion area of Modern Vespa, where vintage, classic, and oddscoots are discussed.

NSR - Not Scooter Related
Denotes that the content in the posting is off-topic and not related to scooters. Usually used as a prefix to a post subject, surrounded by square brackets: [NSR]

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
OEM refers to containment-based re-branding, namely where one company uses a component of another company within its product, or sells the product of another company under its own brand. OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product.

OP - Original Post or Original Poster
Method of referring to the first post in a thread, often after a digression

PITA - Pain In The Ass

PM - Private Message
A way to contact another forum member directly and privately. PMs sent will exist in your "Outbox" until the recipient reads it then it will move to your "Sentbox". You can send a message to your "Savebox" by opening the message and clicking on "Save Message" in the lower right side.

PO - Previous Owner

PTW - Powered Two Wheeler
More popular outside the US, PTW refers to any two-wheeled motorized transport. Motorcycles, Scooters, Mopeds, et cetera are all types of PTW.

SSR - Sorta Scooter Related
Indicates that the content is almost scooter related, but not quite. Would apply to things that the scooter community is probably interested in, i.e. news of interesting motorcycles. Usually used as a prefix to a post subject, surrounded by square brackets: [SSR]

TLA - Three-Letter Acronym

TNG - Twist and Go
Refers to the twist of the throttle and go characteristic of modern Vespas and other scooters that have automatic CVT transmissions.

WFO - Wide F------ Open
Same as WOT, but with more emphasis

WOT - Wide Open Throttle
Accelerating using maximum throttle

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary
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