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Alternative signal indicators
To reduce the profile of the OEM front turn signals and increase visibility of the turn indicators. This article was taken from a forum post and added to the wiki with the permission of the author.
My front right turn indicator got broken (dont ask ) so I decided to replace both front indicators for new ones.

My first idea was to just buy a new OEM one, but searching for it I found smaller ones, and decided to go for them.

They are this ones:

I know that most of the people in this forum know how to change them, and how to do a new wiring etc, but wanted to share some photos just in case this helps anyone.

The pics for the process are the following:

The new turn indicator. Carbon style, white front, really tiny.

After removing the external part (explained in a lot of places over the forum), we need to unscrew the remaining pod from the chasis, the nut is under the rubber. I needed to remove the lower front red panel to work properly.

Old turn signal pod completely removed and unassembled.

After installing the new pod in the same chasis holder (just a nut), I decided to cut the wires and attach them to the bike. Perhaps it's possible to use the new wires up to the bike connectors, or the bike wires into the new pod.

After soldering the wires and align them, I used heat shrink tubes for isolating them as showed in the pic.

Both turn indicators installed, the rubbers back in place (panel still missing)

New lights working. They are much smaller but a bit brighter than the originals.

This is a size comparison of both turn indicators.

Article originally contributed by canopus
Last Updated Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:42 pm

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