BV250: Evap System Removal
The steps for removing the evap system for carbureted LEADER or QUASAR engines (Fly 150, LX 150, BV 200, BV 250) are as follows:
    1. Remove plastic cover to expose Tip Over Valve, tubes and Canister

    2. Take tube #2 from gas tank (overflow tube) and disconnect from bottom of Tip Over Valve and re-route so that end so that gas can drip onto the pavement if the tank is over filled. I used a zip tie to secure the tube to the frame and pointing down. You could also cut the tube to make this easier; I chose to keep the tube it's full length in case I needed to reverse the procedure

    3. Take clear tube #3 coming from the carburetor, remove from the T-joint next to the Tip Over Valve and re-route and attach filter made from foam brush. You could also shorten the tube. Again, I kept full length in case I needed to reverse the procedure.

    4. Remove tube that comes from vacuum fuel tap (#6) from bottom of canister and seal to form a vacuum seal. I used a bolt that screwed into the tube and then secured it to the frame with a zip tie. I also did the procedure past the safety valve #4.

    5. At this point you can remove the Tip Over Valve and Canister from the storage area. To remove the mounting bracket hardware on a BV250, you have to remove most of the plastic on the rear part of the scooter. Not sure if I was being inefficient, but ended up removing plastic around gas cap, removed seat, removed rear light, etc. to get to the four screws holding the brackets from outside of the case. It was not very fun, but learned the location of several fuses I had no idea existed.

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