GT/GTS/ET/LX: Clutch Holding Tool

I went into Home Depot to get a couple of hex bolts, and a large washer.

They didn't have a large enough washer, so I asked one of the guys if they had something that would possibly work.

He took me to the construction supplies area, and had a square shaped washer for doing concrete, or possibly chain link fencing.

The inside diameter was too small (7/8" and I needed 1 3/8") so I had the guy in our model shop at work bore out the hole.

I drilled and tapped the two threaded holes, assembled the bolts in place, and trimmed the bolt heads to the right length.

The finished tool


Washer and bolts

Originally posted by Salty Dodd
Last Updated Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:58 am

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