ET2/ET4/LX150 Kickstart Spring Reloading
At times it may be necessary to remove and replace the kickstart spring on a ET2/ET4/LX150. It could be that the spring is broken or simply be the case that the shaft and bushing need to be cleaned and greased to ensure proper return of the kickstart lever. Either case, it is necessary to reload the tension on the kickstart spring as you button things up.

In order to reload the kickstart spring, it is to you advantage to have the Piaggio tool designed for this task or something similar. This article will cover how to load the spring using a homemade tool similar in design to the Piaggio tool. It will also provide an alternative using a commonly found tool in many households. The second method is not as easy, but will allow you to reload the spring without buying or making your own tool.

What In Involved In Loading The Kickstart Return
The kickstart spring provides only one service and that is to return the kickstart lever to the neutral position after you remove your foot. It is housed underneath the kickstart shaft/gear in a recessed area in the transmission cover.

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In order for the kickstart spring to work correctly it must be "loaded" into the correct position under tension prior to inserting the kickstart shaft/gear all the way into the transmission cover. There is a hook on the end of the spring that catches a notch on the kickstart shaft/gear assembly. The spring is loaded by pulling the hooked end of the spring 2/3 of a full turn in the anti-clockwise direction.

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As you are pulling the spring around and placing it under tension you should have the kickstart shaft/gear installed as far into the hole in the transmission cover as possible. The kickstart shaft/gear will not move all the way into the hole in the cover until it is in it's proper neutral position. As you are loading the spring with tension, it will want to climb up out of the recess in the transmission cover and push against the kickstart shaft/gear. You will need to use one hand to load the tension on the spring. As you load the spring with tension, you need to press down on it to keep it in the proper recess in the transmission cover. Use your other hand to press down on the kickstart shaft/gear to keep it from rising up as the spring pushes against it.

Once you have the kickstart spring loaded, you will need to ensure that you don't allow the kickstart shaft/gear to rise up out of the hole in the transmission until you install the retainer. Once the retainer is installed, this kickstart shaft/gear will remain securly in place.

Piaggio Designed Tool:
You may be able to locate a tool of Piaggio's design for purchase either on-line or from your local scooter store. If not, it is not difficult to make such a tool.

Start with a large washer that is approximately the size of the kickstart spring recess in the transmission cover.

Cut the washer into a shape slightly longer than a half circle. You need to cut and shape the half-moon shaped piece so that it fits easily into the kickstart spring recess in the transmission cover. You don't want the fit to be too snug or it will hang-up when you go to put tention on the spring.

Make a hole in the end of the half-moon piece that is just big enough to capture the hooked end of the spring.

You now need to add a "T" shaped handle to the tool so you can easily twist and press down as you load the spring tension.

The half-moon shape of this tool helps to keep the spring in the recessed area in the transmission case as you load the tension. Using a tool of this design will make this a fairly easy job.

Using A Tool Found In Most Toolboxes To Load The Spring
The spring can also be loaded using a tool more commonly found many tool boxes. You can use the handle from a changeable bit screwdriver.

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You slip the hooked end of the kickstart spring into the screwdriver handle and use the handle to pull the spring around to the proper point. Because there is no half-moon section to help keep the spring in the recessed area in the transmission cover, this will be a tricky task. The spring will want to climb up and out of the recess and you will have to be sure you don't let it do that. A second set of hands who can push down on the spring to keep it seated might make that job easier. With patience and determination the task can be completed without need for the special tool.

Photo credit: nolascooter
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