GTS 250: Torque Settings
Here are some key torque settings for the GTS 250, taken from the GTS 250 workshop manual.

Item Newton-Meters Foot-Pounds Notes
Variator (Drive pulley shaft nut) 75-83 Nm 56-61 ft-lbs
Clutch (Driven pulley shaft nut) 54-60 Nm 40-44 ft-lbs
Oil Filter 4-6 Nm 3-4.5 ft-lbs Oil the rubber gasket
Oil Drain Plug 24-30 Nm 18-22 ft-lbs Check, clean screen
Spark Plug 12-14 Nm 9-10.5 ft-lbs Champion rg4php
Muffler (to swing arm) 20-25 Nm 15-18.5 ft-lbs
Lamda Probe 40-50 Nm 30-37 ft-lbs Use Antisieze
Manifold to Head 12-13 Nm 9-10 ft-lbs Use copper nuts


Item Newton-Meters Foot-Pounds Notes
Wheel bolts 20-25 Nm 15-18 ft-lbs
Rear wheel axle nut 104-126 Nm 77-93 ft-lbs
Rear shock absorber (bottom) 33-41 Nm 25-30 ft-lbs
Rear shock absorber (top) 20-25 Nm 15-18 ft-lbs
shock/muffler swing arm 20-25 Nm 15-18.5 ft-lbs torque after axle nut

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