GTS/GTV LeoVince Exhaust Installation
This article will explain how to install a LV pipe onto your GTS or GTV.

( A similar exhaust is available for the GT200, although it attaches at the cylinder head and not at the header: LV on a GT200, and some interesting exhaust studs )

LV Pipe Model

Tools Needed
Open end wrench (have a second one ready just in case)
5mm & 6mm allen wrenches (t-handle or socket type preferred)
Torx T40 (socket type preferred as your bolts may be seated)

Other Miscellaneous Materials Needed
grease (in case your pipes are a tight fit)

Estimated Time of Work
20 minutes to 2 hours

Unplug your battery posts

Using an open end wrench (or two if your bolt is seated) and remove the clamp holding your stock exhaust to the header pipe.

Using your T40 torx socket, unbolt the stock exhaust from the bracket (3 bolts). Gently twist, turn, and pull your stock exhaust off the header pipe.

Install the intermediate pipe supplied by LV to the header pipe and partially tighten the new clamp with a 5mm allen wrench. If you have trouble fitting the pipe, you can use grease. If grease fails, you may need to flare the opening of the intermediate pipe a bit.

Install the LV bracket onto the stock bracket with a 6mm allen wrench. Do not tighten the bolts.

Install the pipe onto the LV bracket and intermediate pipe. Partially tighten the clamp onto the intermediate pipe using a 5mm allen wrench. And partially tighten the bolts connecting the pipe to the bracket. You may have to play around to get this on. There are many suggestions on how to do this. None are better than the next, just wiggle and readjust to get it on. Not that difficult.

Once on, check for clearance the exhaust isn't hitting anything (it comes very close to the water pump), and tighten all bolts.

Reconnect your battery posts.

Start her up! NOTE: You will see smoke for a while following installation, even after you turn your scooter off. This is normal.


It is good practice to occasionally check all the brackets and bolts to ensure they are still on properly. It would also be advisable to periodically loosen the clamps holding the intermediate pipe to the header pipe & exhaust and readjust. The heat and vibration may cause the pipe to move, thus creating pressure to the header pipe.

VIDEOS - Part one - unboxing and install the bracket on the pipe
Part two - remove the stock exhaust and install leo vince exhaust

Great pictorial thread by Damn Randall
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LeoVince USA site
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