GTS Rear Hub Oil Change
Here are the simple steps to changing the gear oil in the rear hub of the GTS. It is NOT necessary to remove the rear wheel to perform this task.

This is a very easy task that takes less than 10 minutes, start through clean up.

The workshop manual calls for 75/85 GL4 weight, but the owner's manual said 80/90, so I am comfortable using the 80/90 GL5 Amsoil I found at a local motorcycle shop.

Mitch's Scooter Stuff on YouTube: provides a new 2018 clear 4K video in easy step by step tutorial!
You may want to view Motorsport's video on this procedure as well.
Many thanks to Motorsport Scooters (ScooterWest) for putting together a number of instructional videos!
The photos below will help you orient yourself as you prepare. You will need a 6mm hex head on and extension to reach through the wheel, and a plastic container cut in such a way as to catch the oil. I use the same bottle I use for my engine oil changes (keeps it from being a messy job). I use a pouring cup from an old iron and marked it at 125cc/4.25 oz (half of the 250cc/8.5 oz required).

One thing to be aware of is don't loose the little copper crush washer on the drain hole bolt. It may easily fall into the container of used oil. Ideally, you should replace it with a new one. I did not have a new one, so I am reusing the old. I'll keep an eye out for drips, but I think I'll be okay.

To help it drain, and get out as much as I could I turned the front wheel to the RIGHT, sat on the floor on the left side of the scoot and using the hand rails at the seat, I tilted the scoot away from me (picture 6). It didn't take much strength, and it didn't feel like it was going to topple over. Obviously don't push it over too far, or fast as to lose control.

6mm hex head and drain bolt

Amsoil 80/90 GL5, and cup to add oil to hub (marked at 125 cc, half of 250 req'd)

Milk jug cut to catch oil

Drain hole seen through wheel, indicated by arrow. Plastic jug is seen just beneath it.

Plastic jug in place catching used oil

Scoot tipped to aid in draining (easy enough to hold camera while tipping)

And finally, filling gear box
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