GTS250ie : Alarm Connector pin assignments
The security alarm connector behind the left knee panel of most GTS250's has all kinds of electrical goodness to be tapped into: power to the left and right turn signals, 12 volts upstream of the key switch, 12 volts downstream of the key switch, and ground. These two 12 volt sources either side of the key are fused at 10 amps each, and both of those 10 amp circuits feed only the instrument cluster - and a security alarm, if you have one. If (like me) you don't, you've got plenty of juice available right there for a variety of electrical accessories: turn signal beepers, a 12V power outlet (conventional lighter plug or Powerlet), running lights, stereo, etc., etc. And the left knee panel is a convenient place to mount accessories and switches.

The switched 12V is fed from fuse #5, 10A; the unswitched 12V is fed from fuse #8, also 10A. Both fuses are located in the glove box fuse holder. Don't be confused that there are only six fuses in that fuse block; the first four fuses are in the engine compartment.

The wires feeding 12V to the connector, including the ground wire, are 1.0 sq. mm, which is approx. AWG 17. Splitting the difference between AWG 16 and 18, 1.0 sq. mm wire should be good to about 15A at 60°C (the most conservative rating). De-rating for bundled wire would take it down to about 10A. That's exactly the current at which these circuits are fused. The takeaway here is that it would be entirely safe to draw up to 10A from either circuit (a bit less, actually, to account for the instrument cluster). The most damage a higher load would do would be to blow a fuse.

It bears mentioning that this is not a suitable source for higher-current loads such as a Stebel Nautilus horn, or for jump-starting.

Here's a sketch of the alarm connector with pin assignments. View is face-on:
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