How to Reset the service icon (spanner) on X10
Extracted verbatim from the Workshop Manual:-
At vehicle ignition, immediately after the ignition check, if there are less than 300 km (187.5 miles)
to the next scheduled service, the corresponding icon flashes for 5 seconds. Once the service mileage
has been reached, the icon remains steadily on until it is reset.
The resetting of the service is done by holding down
the SET key to the key connection for more than
10 seconds. For the first 5 seconds, the instrument
panel will not give any signal, for the next 5 seconds
the key icon will blink at a frequency of 1Hz.
If the button is released before the 10 seconds,
the service is not reset.
The translation is not very good and from memory I think that it is necessary to hold the set button while turning on the ignition to get into this mode. Otherwise the set button just goes into clock setting mode.
Last Updated Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:16 am

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