How To Transport Your Scooter via Hitch Carrier
Method 2: Via Hitch Carrier

Motorcycle hitch carriers offers another option to transport your scooter if method 1 isn\'t feasible.

Q: What requirement is needed from my car?
A: A 2" class III receiver hitch

Q: Is it easy to install a hitch?
A: U-Haul is a relatively inexpensive route if you don\'t want to do it

Q: What are some hitch carrier options?
A: VersaHaul

Q. How do I secure my scooter?
A. There are a few different 'gadgets' used to tie the front end of the scooter in place.

1) The Canyon Dancer bar harness is widely talked about. Some say that it can contact the switch gear on the handle bars and therefore should be avoided. There is now a new design out called the 'Bar Harness II' which is designed to keep the strap further away from the switches etc. as well as having a new design to eliminate damage to the handgrips.

Original Bar Harness

Bar Harness II

2) Jettin' makes some Groovy bar ends that are designed to accommodate the hooks on tie down straps. They come in different colors and there is even a heavy set for scooters that have a top box.

3) In a pinch you can simply make a loop in a regular tie down strap and loop it over the handle bar. This method will hold the scooter securely but will probably cause damage to your grips if used for extended distances.

The Loop

Loop on the handle bar

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