Loud Turn Signals Save Lives

An audible turn signal indicator is perhaps the one mod that should be on everyone's scooter. I want you to have this mod. I want you to be safe. You need this mod.

I've given a lot of thought on how to present this mod in a simple, and entertaining format. Then, I came to my senses and realized it's impossible.

Parts Needed:

Radio Shack Piezo Buzzer, RS part # 273-080, $6.39
Radio Shack Diode 2-pk, RS part # 276-1101, $0.59

Time Needed:

1 hour

Skill Needed:

The ability to use a screwdriver, and cut and splice wires.

Patience Needed:

Not much.
No small parts, springs, etc.

Vespa ET-Specific Panel Removal Instruction

(To Illustrate The Ease Of Scooter Panel Disassembly)
- Pry-off Piaggio badge from horn cover
(hint: look for the screwdriver slot on the badge's right side)
- Unscrew horn cover screw, and remove horn cover
- Unscrew 2 screws under horn cover, securing glove box tray
- Open glove box door, and unscrew 3 screws securing glove box tray
- Lift, and wiggle-out, glove box tray from front cowl. May require pressing-down glove box release as you wiggle the glove box
- Take a moment to bask in your worldly accomplishment
(Note: If you have a GT, LX, or PX and don't know how to disassemble your panels, use a pry-bar, or just ask here and someone will help-out)

A Mini Electronics Tutorial

The Piezo Buzzer, and the diodes, are polarized. They only conduct electricity in one direction. To maintain proper polarity, you'll need to orient your scooter with the front pointing towards the North Pole (just kidding, you should point it at the South Pole). The Piezo Buzzer wires indicate polarity using color-coded red and black wires (ingenious). The diodes indicate polarity with a stripe on one end of their body. Be sure to connect the Piezo Buzzer and diodes in their proper polarity orientation, using the wire color or body stripe, as depicted in the stunning wiring diagram.

Working With Diodes:

If you are soldering your connections, it's suggested you shield the diodes from excessive heat. The usual way to do this is to attach an alligator clip in-between the lead you're soldering and the diode body. The alligator clip will divert some heat from the diode. I've never ruined a diode by soldering, and I don't always practice safe soldering either. Don't fret about it. They didn't cost you much.

Wiring Instructions

(Common to all Vespa models)
Look at the left and right signal lamp assemblies (Chinese folk can look from right to left, instead of left to right). You'll see both signal lamps have a black wire, and a colored/striped wire. The colored/striped wires are the hot wires (ironically, they don't feel hot), and the black wires are the ground wires. You'll be splicing your Piezo Buzzer to both hot wires, and just one of the ground wires.

About The Wiring Diagram

I struggled with the wiring diagram style. I finally decided on a pictorial diagram, as pioneered by the Aztec Indians. The wiring diagram is meant to be self-explanatory. Using the wiring diagram as a guide, wire-up your turn signal Piezo Buzzer.

How To Mount the Piezo Buzzer

I mounted the Piezo Buzzer with double-sided foam tape, positioned centrally on the back of the front cowl, just bellow the horn grille. If you don't have any double-sided foam tape handy, you can buy some at Radio Shack.


There you have it. In your haste to go riding, don't forget to reassemble the panels. Beep, beep.


Original article contributed by addicted, including all text and images. Copyright 2005 Gary (DBA addicted) All rights reserved.
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