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Launched in Rome on May 10, 2005, the "LX" series, which represents the Roman numeral "60", was developed to mark Vespa's 60th anniversary and is the 139th Vespa model to be produced.

The LX replaced the highly successful Vespa ET Range, the first "modern" Vespa. Though based on the ET, the LX body style is consistent with the GT200, released in 2003. The LX models first became available for sale in the US in 2006.

The LX is available in 4 engine sizes: 50cc 2 stroke, 50cc 4 stroke, 125cc and 150cc four stroke. The 50cc and 150cc models are available in North America, Puerto Rico and Australia, while the 50cc and 125cc models are sold in Europe, the Caribbean and elsewhere.
2009 I.E. Engine and Styling Changes
In mid-2009, Vespa announced that the 125cc and 150cc versions of the LX (as well as S) would be available with new electronic fuel-injected engines, the 125ie and 150ie. The new injected engines provide smoother acceleration and "power delivery" as well as better fuel economy and fewer emissions.

The problematic kickstarter has been removed from the newer models as well.

Additionally, the newer models have a few styling changes: Chrome fender crest, larger legshield lights, chrome horn cover, new grips featuring the Vespa logo and chrome edges, a wider seat with a slightly different shape.

These new styling features first appeared on the limited edition pink LXs, the "Rosa."

The LX ie models became available in Europe in early 2010 in the US in mid-2010. The 2010 LXs came in both carbureted and injected versions. The injected models fully replaced the carbureted models in the 2011 model year.
Comparison to ET Series and GT
The LX is mechanically almost identical to its direct predecessor, the ET, and features either the same carbureted, air-cooled 4-stroke LEADER 150 engine or 2-stroke Hi-PER4 50cc, front disc and rear drum brakes as the later ETs.

The LX body features "crisper" styling, utilizing more strongly defined edges and harder lines than the curvaceous ET. This is especially prominent on the rear cowls of the LX, which are retain the squared-off look of the GT. The round headlight (unlike the ET's elliptical light), angular legshield running lights, front fender, and circular chrome mirrors carry the sharper styling theme forward. The analog dash is similar to the GT200's but features a PIaggio logo in place of the temperature gauge.

The LX series have a unique 11" front/10" rear tire combo.While Piaggio claimed the 11" front tire is intended to improve handling, most owners find it limits tire choices.

Though stylistically aligned with the GT, the LX has a narrower, more streamlined appearance. The legshield is shallower and does not have the GT's side vents. The seat is flatter, without the tapered hump of that on the GT.
Colors and Paint Codes
Alabastro (Limited Series Germany) (Non Metallic Sandy Brown) = 208
Aurora (2006 Light Blue Metallic) = 422/A
Azzurro Sky (Light Blue Metallic) = 424
Bianco Diamante (Pearl White) = 525
Blu Midnight (Dark Blue Metallic) = 222/A
Capri (Non Metallic Light Blue) = 231/A
Cortina (Silver Metallic) = 711/B
Giallo Lime (Non Metallic Yellow) = 928
Grigio Avio (Dark Grey) = 780/A
Grigio Excalibur (Light Grey Metallic) = 738/A
Montebianco (Non Metallic White) = 724 (&544?)
Nero Grafite (Black Metallic) = 79/A
Nero Lucido (Non Metallic Black) = 094
Nero Volcano (Volcano Black) = ?
Portofino (Light Green Metallic) = 305/A
Prugna (Prune/Purple) = 146
Rosa (Pink)
Rosso Drago (Non Metallic Red) = 894
Siena (Non Metallic Creme White) = 552
Tamorina (Non Metallic Orange) = 938/A
Official Specifications
The following specs are for the 2 stroke 50cc and LEADER (pre-fuel injected) 125cc and 150cc.

MODEL LX50 LX150 LX125 LX125ie & LX150ie
FRAME TYPE Load-bearing steel chassis with welded structural supports
ENGINE 124cm sq. and 151cm sq.
TYPE Single cylinder, four-stroke catalytic Hi-PER4 Single cylinder, four-stroke catalytic LEADER Single cylinder, four-stroke catalytic LEADER Single cylinder 4 stroke - Fuel Injected
CYLINDER CAPACITY 49.4cc 150cc 124cc
BORE X STROKE 1.54" x 1.63" (39 mm x 41.8 mm) 2.46" x 1.91" (62.8 mm x 48.6 mm) 2.2" x 1.9" or (57.0 x 48.6 mm) 57 x 48.6 mm (125) - 62.8 x 48.6 mm (150)
MAX POWER AT SHAFT 3.1 kW at 8,750 rpm 8.7 kW at 7,750 rpm (11.7 CV) 7.65 kW at 8250 RPM7.9 kW at 8250 rpm (125) - 8.9 kW at 8000 rpm (150)
MAX TORQUE 3.5 Nm at 6,500 rpm 11.5 Nm at 6,000 rpm 9.60 Nm (1.0 kgf-m or 7.1 ft.lbs) at 6000 RPM 9.6 Nm at 6500 rpm (125) - 11.8 Nm at 6250 rpm (150)
MAX SPEED 39 mph (62 km/h) 59 mph (95 km/h) 56.5 mph (91 km/h) 59mph (95km/hr)
FUEL/TANK CAPACITY Unleaded 91 min octane / 2.3 gallons (8.6 liters)
GAS MILEAGE 70-80 mpg 72 mpg (unspecified) 70-75mpg
DISTRIBUTION Cam head single shaft-SOHC (2 valves)
COOLING SYSTEM Ram air with sound proof cover Ram air with sound proof cover and integrated SAS (Secondary Air System) Ram air with sound proof cover and integrated SAS (Secondary Air System) Forced Air Circulation
LUBRICATION Wet sump, 850cc capacity; chain-driven lobe pump; intake and delivery filters Wet sump, 1,000cc capacity; chain-driven lobe pump; intake and delivery filters
IGNITION Electric and kick start Electric only
GEARS CVT transformer with torque slave
CLUTCH Automatic dry centrifuge with damper buffers
SEAT HEIGHT 30.5" (775 mm) 29.1338" or (740 mm)
DRY WEIGHT 225 lbs (102 kg) 250.8 lbs or (114 kg) - Unladen Mass 251.9 lbs (114 ± 5 kg)
LENGTH/WIDTH/WHEELBASE 69.1" (1,755 mm) / 29.1" (740 mm) / 50.4" (1,280 mm)
FRONT TIRE/REAR TIRE Tubeless 110/70-11"/ Tubeless 120/70-10"
FRONT SUSPENSION Single arm with helical spring and dual effect hydraulic single shock absorber
REAR SUSPENSION Coil spring and dual effect single shock absorber
FRONT BRAKE 7.87" (200 mm) ø steel disc with hydraulic command
REAR BRAKE 4.33" (110 mm) ø drum with mechanical command

Special Editions and Variants
Vespa LXV
Vespa S (LXS)

2009 "Rosa": This limited-edition (of 400) pink LX was available in both 50cc and 150cc versions. In addition to the '09 styling changes mentioned previously, the Rosa features a black seat with pink piping. Though it has a kickstarter and the same engines as pre-fuel injected LXs, the Rosa has a different transmission cover, with a Piaggio, rather than Vespa, logo.
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