LX-150 Audicator Installation - With Pictures
Hi All,

I installed an Audicator on my LX150 today and thought I'd share the experience with you.

Here is the Audicator in the package:

First I removed the Piaggio badge as shown here:

Then I removed the horn cover screw with a Philips screwdriver:

Then I slid up and removed the horn cover:

Next. I removed the mirrors. You will need a 17mm wrench for this:

Be careful not to lose the washers from the mirror stalks. I used a magnet to lift them out.

Then I took out the front headset screw. This is the lower screw. The upper one is for headlight adjustment.

After that, the rear screws:

Don't get the screws mixed up. The rear ones are blunt-ended, front pointed, and the horn cover screw has a built on washer.

Following a tip from Copper Dolphin in LX150 Turn signal Euro Mod + buzzers. I made a tool to release the tabs inside the headset by the brake levers. He used an offset screwdriver, but since I didn't have one, I ground an old allen wrench to release them.

Here is the opened-up headset:

I located this unused connector. The pink wire is connected to the left turn signal and the blue/white striped one is connected to the right turn signal:

I put this bracket on the back of the Audicator:

Here is the position where I snapped the bracket over the handlebars:

And here it is snapped on:

I rotated it up and out of the way. Here the speaker faces up and toward the rider:

Here is another shot from further back:

I made these jumpers using 18 gauge wire and the female bullet connectors furnished:

I pushed these jumpers into the connector located earlier. I couldn't match color, so I put the black jumper into the blue/white lead and the red jumper into the pink:

Next, I crimped the male bullet connectors onto the blue and yellow Audicator wires and plugged them into the appropriate female bullets. The blue goes to the left (pink with red jumper) and the yellow goes to the right (blue/white with black jumper):

Here, I located the brake light wire I was going to connect to. I found that the right one had a little more slack and decided to use that one. Be sure to cut the wire with the stripe, not the solid white one. The solid one is hot and the striped one is switched by the brake lever switch.

After cutting the wire I stripped and twisted the wires back together and crimped a female bullet connector onto them.

I messed up the crimp-on male bullet connector that I used on the red Audicator wire and had to cut off the insulation to open it back up and crimp it on. No problem, though, since everything will be taped up. Then I plugged the red wire into the brake light connector.

The ground wire needed to be extended to get down inside the legshield so I added a piece of wire to it and pushed it down beside the speedometer cable:

I connected the other end to the horn mount screw.

The reason you don't see the horn is I had previously installed a Stebel Magnum:

I went back and taped all the connections and zip-tied the wires in place:

Something else you might want to do while you have the headset open is install a headlight modulator. Here's my Kisan (Also installed previously. It's plug & play, super easy install):

All that's left now is to reverse the disassembly procedure to put everything back together. When starting the screws back into the plastic it is a good idea to turn them backwards until you feel them "click." Then you can run them back into the original threads.

Another trick from Copper Dolphin was to use an allen wrench to replace the mirror washers:

Well, that's pretty much it. I hope some of you find my lengthy post useful.

Any questions feel free to contact danny*h
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