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LX 150 Fuel Tank And Sending Unit Removal
Ideally, perform this repair when the fuel tank is almost empty or drain any fuel out.

Remove topcase if equipped.
Open seat and remove pet carrier.
Remove battery cover.
Remove gas cap.
Remove plastic battery shroud.
Replace gas cap for now.
Disconnect battery and remove.
Remove battery tray if equipped.
Remove upper shock mount nut, washer and rubber bushing.
Remove lower side panels.
Remove rear fender.
Remove taillight. Unplug bulb and let bulb dangle.
Remove rear turn signals and let them dangle.
Remove spark plug cap. (easier to do after scooter is lifted slightly) Remove rear shock lower mount and remove shock.
Remove two tank retention screws from battery compartment.
Remove one tank retention screw from taillight cavity.
Take a look around the engine area for any hoses or wires attached to the engine and fastened to the sides of the body.
Remove or unfasten as necessary.
Carefully lift scooter from under the floor pan until the motor starts to drop. Lift carefully, watching for any wires or hoses binding in the engine compartment.
Continue to lift until the tank can be dropped out. It may require wiggling and twisting a bit. Be sure to disconnect the wire connector on top of the tank before dropping tank too far.
Twist the sending unit on the tank counterclockwise a quarter of a turn and lift out of the tank.
Install new sending unit.
Reverse procedure to assemble.
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