LX: Installing a Stebel Nautilus Air Horn
The following are step by step photos of my installation of a Stebel Nautilus Compact Dual-Tone Air Horn on my Vespa LX 150. These instructions are for informational use only. If you break something, don't blame me.

Here is a gallery of the images in various sizes, in case you want to see the original huge (2.5 MB) image.

I purchased the Stebel horn from California Sport Touring

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Remove the existing horn, which is under the Horn Cover, by removing the bolt that also holds the fuse block. Carefully remove the two wires connected to the horn. Pull them off by pulling on the terminal, not the wire.

Remove the original horn from the bracket, and then reattach the bracket where it was originally mounted. Use this to mount the relay that comes with the new horn. Follow the included instructions carefully. Use the two wires that were connected to the original horn as the control wires for the relay, and two new wires, described below, on the other two terminals.

One of the 12 gauge red wires that is connected to the relay goes directly to the positive terminal on the new horn. The other gets connected to the switched red wire as described in the above linked "12V Power Outlet" tutorial, as shown here.

The 12 gauge black wire is connected to the negative terminal on the new horn, with the other end getting connected to the ground wire going to the battery, also described in the above linked "12V Power Outlet" tutorial.

The photos showing the Stebel horn installed are too dark. I've included several angles, so hopefully you can tell what I've done.

I mounted the Stebel horn by using an automotive screw-type hose clamp. I wrapped the hose clamp around the bracket welded to the front of the scooter's steering tube, and then around the body of the horn's compressor. It only seems to fit one direction. I tried to adjust it so the dual horns point at the grille opening in the horn cover.

Once everything is connected, test your connections with a multi-meter if you have one. If not, turn on the ignition and press the horn button. You will now have a 139 dB horn that sounds like a semi rig! Be careful how you use it now, since it will scare the bejesus out of innocent pedestrians!

Click here to hear a WAV file of the horn. Turn your speakers WAY up, because this sucker is really loud!
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