FAQ: How do I swap miles for kilometers on the GTS?
This FAQ details the procedure for switching miles to kilometers (or vice versa) for the GTS's digital instrument cluster. It also details how to switch Fahrenheit to Celsius.
1. With your key switch in the OFF position, push and hold both buttons of the Instrument Panel simultaneously.

2. While pushing both buttons, turn your key to the ON position.

3. The Odometer and the Temperature units will begin to blink.

4. Release both buttons.

5. To change the Odometer push the left button once. Every time you push the left button the Odometer units flips from Km to Miles or from Miles to Km.

6. To change the Temperature Gauge push the right button once. Every time you push the right button the Temperature units flips from C to F or from F to C.

7. Once you have the desired configuration, turn the key to the OFF position again .
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