Modern Vespa Paint Codes
Can someone add the codes for Beige Eleganza.

The following is a list of Piaggio Paint codes for models shipped to the U.S. since their re-entry to the market in 2001.

Name Piaggio Code Accessory Code PPG equiv.
Primer RAW 00
Alabaster 208 12
Aquamarine(old) 293 28
Aquamarine(new) 328/A VM
Aurora Sky Blue 422 21 AA
Aurora Yellow 952/A GH
Aviator Gray 780/A 33 EP
Azzurro Marechiaro 260/A AZ
Black 94 04 90/91
Blu Gaiola 261/A DQ
Bronze 579 GV
Canyon Red 811/A 26
Capri Blue 231/A AH
Celeste Blue 241/A C5
Cherry Red 806A RE
Cobalt Blue 251 08
Cortina Gray 711/B EU
Cortina Silver 711/B 38 EU
Cult White 553 XB
Cosmic Blue 280 24
Daring Plum 146 20 FE
Daring Plum GTS (MY11‐UP) 102/A YR2
Daring Plum LX (MY11‐UP) 102/A YR1
Dark Cherry 806/A 23 RE
Demon Black 94/A NG
Diamond White 324 19 BM
Dolomiti Gray 770/B HA
Dragon Red 894 09 R7 73414
Dragon Red 894 R7 73414
English Green 374 18
Espresso 112/A M5
Excalibur Gray 738/A F2
Excalibur Silver 738/A 16 F2
Giallo Yellow 928 36 GP
Giallo Yellow Positano 968/A L5
Graphite Black 79/A 22 ND
Graphite Black 09 79/A ND
Grey Metallic 784/B HF
Imperial Blue 204/A 17
Ivory 913 01
Light Blue 270 03
Light Green 329 07
Marina Blue 213/A 25
Marrone Creta Senese 129/A MD
Matte Silver 760/B H4
Mediterranean Blue 244/A DI
Metalic Pink 577 P3
Midnight Blue 222/ 29 DE
Midnight Blue 09 222/A DE
Montebianco 544 BR
N. Marcusn 094 10
Neptune Blue 253/A DN
Optic White 724 87
Orione Gray 713B EV
Passion Red 830/A RP
Pearl 693 02
Pearl White 566 BT
Pink 567 P2
Platinum 686 06 A7
Portofino Green 305/A 35 VG
Portofino Green 09 305/A VG
Rosso 830/A 37
Royal Blue 202/A 27
Rubino Red 996 11
Ruby Red 824/A 34 RM
Satin Black 85/B NL
Sei Giorni Grey Grey HX
Sei Giorni Verde 344/A
Shiny Black 94, 90, 91 90 or OG
Shiny Blue Metallic 264/A DT
Sienna Ivory 552 M4
Silver 729 05
Sky Blue 424 30 AF
Smoky Gray 731 15 EE
Star Red 849/A RR
Taormina Orange 938/A AI
Titanium 742/B EZ
Vintage Gray 786/A 32 ER
Vintage Green 382 14 VD
Vintage Red 820/A 31 RI
Volcano Black 98/A 31 RI
White 525 N2 or XN2
Yellow 928/A GI
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