MP3 500 Removal of the front end plastics
Removal of the plastic chassis parts on the front of a Gilera Fuoco 500 .ie./Piaggio MP3 500 i.e. Note: if you just need to remove the side panels to gain access then the removal of the spoiler is not necessary. However, to remove the headlight housing both the spoiler, front and side shields need to be removed.
Tools Required
Metric hex key set
A medium and large Phillips screw driver
A medium or small flat head screw driver
Removing the spoiler
1. Remove the Gilera or Piaggio emblem by gently prying up with a flat head screwdriver. Remove the Phillips screw underneath.

2. Remove 4 screws indicated by the arrows and lift the spoiler (stock shield) off.

Removing the front and side shields
1. Remove the four screws indicated by the arrows and carefully slide the front shield forward.

2. First picture. Under each side shield there is a screw that fixes it to the back shield. Second picture. At the top rear of each side shield there is another screw fixing it to the back shield. Remove these screws. (4 total)

Note: in the second pic just to the left of the arrow it shows an empty screw hole. The screw that goes there is purely cosmetic and should not be removed. Don't know why Piaggio removed it but don't. Good catch

3. Remove the two hex screws and one Phillips head screw indicated by the arrows. The side piece will slide forward. Gently lift and move forward. Caution: there are some easily breakable plastic tabs on this piece.

Removing the center and headlight supports
1. After removing the spoiler and front/side shields remove the center light screw and lift it off.

2. Disconnect the center light terminal and remove the support.

3. Remove the two Phillips head screws that fix the bottom of the headlight support indicated by the arrows.

4. Remove the two Phillips head screws that fix the headlight support to the back shield indicated by the arrows.

5. Tilt the headlight support forward and remove the terminal clips on both the high and low beam bulbs on each side.

6. You can further disassemble the headlight assemblies if needed by removing the screws indicated by the arrows

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Other chassis disassembly information can be found starting on page 323 of the service manual here (UK source):
or here (US source)

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