MP3: Installing a Fabbri Windscreen 250 and 400 models
Installing the Fabbri (10 to 15 Minutes)
Tools Required
A medium and large Phillips screw driver
A small flathead screw driver
Needle nose pliers
Parts Required
Fabbri windscreen
You may want to consider buying a set of eight of the rubber grommets (item # 6 in the pic below) that are inserted into the windscreen's mounting holes. This makes it easier to change windscreens if desired.
1. Remove the front Piaggio badge by gently prying under the left (right as you are facing) edge with the flathead screw driver. To minimize scratching put a bit of masking tape over the edge of the screw driver blade.

2. Remove the Phillips head screw under the badge.

3. Starting at the top of each of the "wings" on the V shaped front cover, use your fingers to gently pop each free then tip the whole piece forward and remove. This is all of the "Tupperware" you need to remove.

4. Use the large Phillips head to remove all eight of the windscreen attaching screws (item #3 below) and lift the OEM windscreen off.

5. Remove the spacers (item #5 & 7 below) from each of the rubber grommet being careful to note where each came from. They are not all the same size and need to be replaced exactly as removed.

6. If you already have the rubber grommets installed in the Fabbri then all you need to do at this time is put the spacers into the grommets and attach the it to the frame using the 8 mounting screws. If not, you need to remove the rubber grommets from the OEM screen by pinching with the needle nose pliers and pushing out through the holes. Take care not to mutilate them. Once you have them out then pinch them and push them into the mounting holes on the Fabbri and mount it as stated above.

7. Install the V shaped cover bottom first then gently work your way up both of the "wing" until it has all popped back into place.

8. Screw the Phillips head screw back into the badge hole and then replace the Piaggio badge. You are done. Enjoy the screen.

Note: If you installed the tall Fabbri and find it is too tall check out How To: Cut Down a Windscreen Make sure you read the discussion too as the Fabbri may be cut better using a dremel rather than a jigsaw.

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