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Oil change for the MP3 400, 500/Fuoco
Oil change (10 to 15 Minutes)
Tools Required
24 mm six sided socket and ratchet
Appropriate oil filter wrench
Pan to capture used oil
Q tips or similar to clean pre-filter
Parts Required
New filter
Correct spec oil
New O ring for oil plug (optional)
1. Engine must be hot when evacuating old engine oil, which facilitates egress of the worst excreta (e.g. sediments, metal shards)

2. Place bike on center stand on level ground

3. Loosen oil cap/dipstick enough to allow air past

4. With a containment vessel placed under bike, unscrew engine oil drainage bolt located at bottom of engine - and make sure to find and inspect the rubber O-ring that helps to seal the bolt. If the O-Ring looks good, you can clean it and re-use it but it is always better simply to replace it.

5. As oil starts to flow out, use needle-nose pliers to remove the small cylindrical plastic/metal-mesh oil screen (6cm long / 2cm diameter) located just behind the oil drainage bolt that you just removed.ed.

6. While the oil drains, clean the oil screen with q-tips to remove any gunk and metal shards (this may take many q-tips).

7. Replace the oil screen and oil drainage bolt, with the cleaned or new rubber O-Ring.

8. Now, unscrew the old oil filter (located under the exhaust pipe on the opposite side of the engine from the drainage bolt) and capture any additional oil that comes out. Also, make sure to remove and discard the large rubber oil filter O-Ring.

9. Fill up the replacement filter with some of the new engine oil and, using your fingers, lubricate the new rubber O-Ring with some of the new engine oil before attaching the new filter to the engine.

10. Using a funnel, fill new oil through oil cap/dipstick opening; Since a certain quantity of oil still remains in the circuit, add approximately 1500 cm³ (1.5L or 1.58Qrts) of oil through cap. Replace oil/dipstick cap.

11. Start up the scooter, leave it running for a few minutes
and switch it off: after five minutes, check the level and if necessary, top-up without exceeding the MAX. level.

Note: The cartridge filter must be replaced at every oil change.
Note: Some like to roll the scooter off the center stand, unlock and tilt it to get all of the oil out.
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