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Modern Vespa Patches
This article documents the entire history of embroidered patches that have been issued by Modern Vespa.
Annual Patches
Every year, Modern Vespa issues a patch with that year on it. Each design is different.
Designer: robotribe
Number Made: 1000

Designer: ericalm
Number Made: 500

Designer: jess
Number Made: 300

Designer: jess
Number Made: 500

Designer: jess
Number Made: 300 (200 in January 2006, followed by 100 more in April 2006)

Other Patches
Designer: zxsimonw
Number Made: 100

Limited Edition Patches
Designer: Ironfoot
Number Made: 50

Designer: Jess
Number Made: 50

Designer: Jess
Number Made: 50

Modern Vespa Staff
Designer: IronFoot
Number Made: 100

This patch was designed by MV user IronFoot for the 2009 Modern Vespa Patch Contest. This design didn't win the main contest to pick the 2009 patch, but was the clear favorite among the MV Staff. Thus, the design was altered slightly by IronFoot and became the Modern Vespa Staff patch. This patch has never been sold, and none are in the possession of anyone except MV Staff and IronFoot.

Original Square Patch
Designer: jess
Number Made: 300

The biggest challenge facing a new forum is getting enough registered members that the forum reaches critical mass. This patch was created shortly after the launch of Modern Vespa in an attempt to get new users to sign up -- a free patch was given to the first 100 registered members. Some additional patches were handed out to friends and any other scooterists that Jess met in person in those early days. This particular patch design was never sold.

Most of the lettering of this patch was done in metallic silver, which creates an interesting effect but is a bit more fragile than regular stitching, and also a bit less accurate. This patch also contained a "secret feature": the website address at the bottom was stitched with glow-in-the-dark thread.

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