Faco Rear Rack Installation on LX 150
Tools needed:
10mm hexagonal head screwdriver
philips head screwdriver
putty scraper/paint chipper/flat head screwdriver

Get familiar with the area of operation:

Step 1: The two nubs you see on the grab rail, those are caps covering screw holes. Use putty scraper/paint chipper/flat head screwdriver to pry it out and pliers if needed. The side part is rubbery so don't worry if it flakes off. (if it completely flakes off but is still stuck on, use a mini drill to drill it off, the cap will just spin around on the drill bit after a while

Step 2: the vespa badge needs to be removed. Open up the seat and you'll see a tiny screw behind the badge. Use the philips head screwdriver to remove it
View from under the seat

Step 3: After the vespa badge is removed, you'll see two bolts at the bottom. Use the 10mm hexagonal head screwdriver to remove
hexagonal head screwdriver

bolts to remove

Step 4: The bag with the rack includes 2 hexagonal bolts, 2 flat washers, and 2 split-washers. Grease up the 2 bolts (and spray some wd-40 into the grab-rail bolt holes) because it'll be rusty where the bolts go in. Put the washers on their respective bolts in the correct order and position them in the rack accordingly.
Top bolts: new bolt with split-washer then flat washer (split-washer should be inbetween the head and flat washer)
Bottom bolts: original bolt with spikey washer.

Step 5: Position the rack so all 4 bolts go into their respective holes. Note, it may be a weird fit/angle, but its ok. It happens with Vespa racks as well.
positioning the rack

Step 6: Start screwing in the rack by partially screwing in the bottom two first to keep it stable. Then screw in the top two to make it fit. Then finish off the bottom two. For the top bolts, it should be sufficiently tightened when the split-washers are unsplit.

Your rear rack is now installed. Unfortunately, because of the rack, the Vespa badge will no longer fix. A workaround could be to drill another hole so the screw can fit in. Since the rack is spring-loaded, don't forget to get a clamp to keep it down.

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