Service Intervals
This article covers service intervals for the various modern Vespa models. Right now we have placeholders only for LX and GT models. If you have owner's manuals for either and can summarize the info, please add it here and we can reformat it to look nice.

This info is from the owners manual for an ET4 150cc Leader Engine.
R=Replace C=Check
Always use good judgment... (Grease the brake pads? )

Generally the same as ET4 as the transmission engine unit is the same.
Generally the same as the ET4 as it is a carburetted engine. Fluid changes should be done at the same interval as stated in GTS intervals. It has a four valve engine like a GTS so valve clearances should be done at GTS intervals.
This section uses miles for intervals.
Here's a nice chart done by starreem with info gleaned from GTS Workshop Manual:

And our resident tech guru Greasy's take on intervals:

Oil & filter change:
Piaggio: Check 3K/Change 6K
MV workshop: Change 2K (Rolf); 3K or 6 mo.(Tom)
Greasy: Change the oil at 2K and refresh the filter each time you change the oil. the GTS could go to 3K because of the extra capacity, but it's cheap insurance at 2K
How to: GTS Oil Change

Valve adjust:
Piaggio: 12K
MV workshop: 7K
Greasy: 4K if you ride it hard (long distances, high speeds, freeway), 6K if you're more civilized.
How to: GTS Valve Lash Adjustment

Hub oil:
Piaggio: every 12K
MV workshop: 3-5K
Greasy: every other rear tire i think is sufficent, but if you're rolling some donuts that get killer mileage, go ahead and knock it out every time you've got the tire off. what's another few mins and some oil?

Coolant change:
Piaggio: every 2 years
MV workshop: Every year
Greasy: i like to flush and refill once a year. generally i don't use coolant, just straight distilled water with an additive like soluble oil, justice brothers or prestone anti-corrosion.

Brake fluid change:
Piaggio: every 2 years
MV workshop: < 2 years if damp area or big temp fluctuations
Greasy: i'd go with the once a year if you ride alot (like 20K plus) otherwise you're okay for every two. but the same notation of damp climates may need it sooner. either way, it's a good idea to have a look at your brake system once a year, check the hoses and connections.

New Rollers:
Piaggio: every 6k
MV workshop: 2500-10K depending
Greasy: every 4K, however the first set usually lasts a long time. especially GTS rollers... you can probably roll them out to about 6 or 8.

New Belt:
Piaggio: every 9K
MV workshohp: 9K
Greasy: 4K on the 150's, 6K~8K on the GT/GTS. because the GT/GTS are capable of higher speeds they tend to heat the belts more and thus they break down.

Greasy: "This is how I service my bike, and how I service my friend's bikes. I figure, if you're there checking the rollers why not replace them if they're slightly worn? It's the same amount of labor to check them as it is to replace them. the same with the belt. Also, keeping the numbers even makes it easier to remember when it's time for service."
From lostboy comes this nice chart:
This is for a MP3 250, Belt Intervals are wrong for 400 & 500.
MP3 400 & 500 require 6,000 mile belt changes
The MP3 250 Intervals for belt have been reduced to 9,000 miles.
Not sure if anything else is different between the models

Here are some notes about this chart:

The 5,000 km service interval is taken from the shop manual. Miles are calculated from the km and rounded to the nearest 100.
(Does anyone have the official service intervals in miles for US/UK bikes?)

Engine Oil - Change and Engine Oil - Replace are two separate items in the shop manual, but since they always occur together, I consolidated them into Change | Engine Oil.

The biannual coolant and brake fluid changes are omitted. I plan to include them on a separate tab with user checks to be performed weekly/monthly/etc.
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