ET4: Easy Spark Plug Change
I have changed the plug a few times on the ET4 and this by fa is the easiest way. It takes about 10 minutes once you are good at it. But, take your time and make sure everything is right. Always make sure the bike is secured so it doesn't fall over. MY wife was holding the front for me while I did this.

Step # 1: Remove plastic body panels that surround the engine.

Step # 2: Remove spark plug wire and tuck out of the way. I put mine up against the body and above anything that could swing downward and catch it.

Step # 3: Remove intake tube from Airbox (it should slip off easily). Also remove the vent tube from drive belt cover

Step # 4: Remove your lower shock bolt.

Step # 5: Jack the body up right in front of the engine. Double check to make sure everything is moved out of the way and that the engine can freely rotate downwards. As you raise the bike have look inside to make sure you don't stretch/rip your fuel lines. When you have done this it should look like this.

Now you can go around to the other side and the spark plug will be in plain site.

Step # 6: Remove the spark plug!

In general, on sparkplugs and anything external that bolts into the aluminum castings of the engine, I always apply anti-seize. This will help keep the bolts from cross threading and causing tons of grief.

Repeat steps backwards to finish the job!

This article originally contributed by Chris666

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