The importance of the 2 (or 3) tires we ride around on, cannot be overrated. The plusses and minuses of different available brands discussed here:
ET series
Typically shipped with the Pirelli SL 38 Unico, a good performing, but not long-lasting tire. Rears typically done at as few as 2000 miles, but reasonably priced. A good tire, but other good choices available for these models.

The Continental Zippy 1 a favorite tire amongst many vintage-turned-modern scooterists, a great performing scooter tire, yielding somewhat better longevity than the Pirelli's on the ET series. Available at nearly everywhere scooter tires are sold, the continental Zippy 1 is a known entity, a good choice for the ET series scooters.
LX series
As with the ET series, typically shipped with the Pirelli Unico. Also, many LX's and S's were equipped with the Michelin Pilot City, which has since been discontinued from the Michelin lineup, primarily for short tread life. The Continental Zippy 1 is not made in the 11" size, therefore is not an option for the LX and S models. Instead, riders of these bikes that want a high performance tire tend to choose the Heidenau K61, one of the few performance tires available in the uncommon 11" size.

See also: LX150 Rear Tire Change (Video Tutorial)
GT/GTS/GT60~GTV series
While most GT200s shipped with Pirelli GTS23 F and GTS24 R model tires which handled well, and was durable, but a wobble or "head-shake" seemed commonplace on many of the GT200, and many attribute that to the tires. The source of MUCH discussion and disagreement.

Vespa decided on the Sava MC20 Monsum tire for the GTS, GT60, and GTV scooters, but seems to be universally disliked amongst the MV community. That tire choice by Vespa arguably may have in part been due to its ability to mask or minimize "head-shake" or wobble, a somewhat common anomaly on the GTS/GTV, and to a lesser extent on preceding models. The Sava does not handle or wear well. In particular Sava tires, due to their center groove, have particularly bad "tracking" behavior on rain grooved roads. Many owners replace the Sava tires prematurely in lieu of other brands, with Continental Zippy 1's again being a popular choice, as are the Pirelli GTS series and the Heidenau K61.

For the 250 Super and 300 GTS, GTV, and Super models, Vespa has been delivering them with Pirelli GTS23 F and GTS24 R tires. This choice of tire may be a contributing factor in these models not having the head shake (wobble).

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Rear Wheel Installation
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MP3 Series
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